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3DMC Conference

3DMC is dedicated to the application and development of 3D measurement technology for industrial, scientific and cultural purposes.

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Technical Talks/Posters

3DMC welcomes talks and posters on a wide range of topics. Typical themes include:

  • 3D Metrology Technologies and Applications from Nanometer to Large Scale

  • Automation Enabled by In-Process Metrology

  • Digitization – Smart Sensors for the Internet of Production

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality Supporting User Interaction and Metrology-Based Decision Making

  • Measurement Uncertainty and Traceability

  • Non-Destructive Testing

Industrial Exhibition

3DMC invites manufacturers of 3D metrology equipment, software suppliers, and service providers who address industrial and technology sectors that include the following:

  • aerospace

  • automotive

  • power generation

  • marine

  • off-shore

  • built environment

  • cultural heritage

  • virtual reality

Extensive Networking

3DMC encourages networking and socializing with a fine selection of included evening activities on November 15 and 16.

These evening activities include

  • an ice-breaker on the first night and

  • a conference dinner on the second.

Participants are cordially invited to join these 3DMC social events where they can extend their professional and private networks in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

Metrology Stadium

3DMC features the Metrology Stadium, a dedicated area for live hard- and software demonstration, in co-operation with our exhibitors.
Experience novel technology first hand!

Workshops & Demos

3DMC encourages participants to engage with experts in specialized sessions. Broaden your knowledge of metrology systems and their industrial applications during in-depth discussions with like minded professionals!

User Group Meetings

WZL's lab and 3DMC are the ideal place and occasion for metrology user group meetings. Get in touch with the organizing committee to discuss co-location options and gather information about the mutual benefits.


Watch some of our awesome presentations from 2021 and 2022.

Why You Should Attend 3DMC

Learn for Life

Expert presentations on the latest advances in research and application define 3DMC's unique technical profile.

Enjoy Exhibiting

Exhibitors meet new customers from a diverse range of sectors and find the time to engage in in-depth discussions.

Leverage the Leisure

3DMC invites all participants to take part in high class evening events. All social activities are included.

Experience Metrology

Delegates get hands-on experience of the latest systems from major manufacturers and software suppliers.

Get Global

Researchers, decision makers and sales executives from around the globe guarantee an international atmosphere.

Extend Your Network

3DMC encourages you to stay in touch through our social media groups. Keeping contacts alive has never been easier.

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Call for Abstracts

We are currently open for presentation abstract submissions (talks or posters).
New this year we are offering presenters an optional opportunity to submit an article,
related to their presentation, for publication in a special issue of the open-access journal
from our media partner MDPI.
Note that these will be subject to MDPI’s independent peer-review process.
Click on the link below for more on the journal articles.

We request abstracts to be submitted online.
This will support our administration and ensure everyone provides the information we need.

Instructions for Journal Article Authors


Abstract submission deadline: September 1
Abstract review feedback: September 15
Presentation submission deadline: November 1
Paper submission deadline: December 1

It's a simple process, so please click HERE to begin.


Content: current application/research
Format: slideshow (talks) or poster, no proceedings
Duration: 20-25 min, including Q&A

Detailed Guidelines


Content: current application/research
Restriction: no sales-oriented content
Format: A0, portrait
Display: poster gallery, dedicated timeslot

Detailed Guidelines


3DMC welcomes presentation inquiries. Abstracts are scientifically reviewed prior to their selection for presentation.
Abstracts are submitted online.

Submit Abstract

Industrial Exhibition

The Exhibition will take place at WZL lab space. Exhibitors can now sign up for a booth area.

Please note: There's more to discover!
Visit the website on a desktop PC for the fully featured Exhibition section.

Exhibition 2022

Visit Our Exhibitors for 2022 at Their Virtual Booths.


REFLECON® Tarnish Scanningspray has been developed to dull reflecting, mirroring, transparent or dark surfaces for the 3D optical measurement technique (known as laser scanning).


We develop optical measurement technology solutions for research and industry.

Production Engineering
Through Applied Research

As one of the organizers of 3DMC, WZL's chair Production Metrology and Quality Management aims at increasing flexibility, efficiency and transparency in production by realizing an Internet of Production.

3DMC Metrologists Needed to Measure the Metaverse

Quidient's flagship product (Quidient Reality™) creates models from images using a process called Generalized Scene Reconstruction. The models, which represent light and matter fields, are a key building block of the Metaverse.

Precision Metrology Solutions

Mitutoyo partners with manufacturers in countless industries to solve their unique metrology challenges and ensure accurate, reliable production. See how our metrology solutions bring more precise measurement to your industry.

Solution Partner for Measurement Products and Services

API is a global company with its Radian Laser Tracker Series, machine tool and robot calibration equipment, optical sensors and coordinate measuring products continuing to be the benchmark for metrology Automation, Precision and Innovation.


MR Chemie is a medium-sized family company based near Dortmund in Germany. Over the last 50 years we formed our identity from a local supplier of industrial aerosol cleaner to a global player. Today we are among the market leaders for high quality NDT consumables and equipment (MR®)


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Who's Involved

Organizing Committee

Ben Hughes

NPL London, UK

Robert Schmitt

Director at WZL|RWTH Aachen, Germany

Harald Bosse

PTB Braunschweig, Germany

Steve Kyle

3DIMPact, UCL London, UK

Martin Peterek

WZL|RWTH Aachen, Germany

Benjamin Montavon

WZL|RWTH Aachen, Germany

Johannes Brand

WZL|RWTH Aachen, Germany

Mark Sanders

WZL|RWTH Aachen, Germany

Our Partners


Hosting Institution Aachen, Germany


Hosting Institution Aachen, Germany


Supporting Institution London, UK


Supporting Institution Braunschweig, Germany


Supporting Institution London, UK


Supporting Institution Eibar, Spain


Partner Conference


Partner Conference July 20-24, 2020
New Orleans, LA, USA


Partner Conference February 26-28, 2020
Bilbao, Spain

Media Partner  

MDPI Journal Metrology

Media Partner  

Industrial Advisory Board

Ben Adeline


Martin Harding

Rolls-Royce Oberursel, Germany

Markus Ohlenforst

IconPro Aachen, Germany

Heiko Paluszek

sigma3D Mainz, Germany


Download archives and programs of previous conference editions.
Obtain the media pack for spreading the word.


3DMC was established in 2016. Ever since then, speakers and presenters have added to the conference's technical profile with outstanding contributions.

For the virtual events,
the video presentations are available.



The 3DMC organizers always strive to create balanced programs with equally distributed presentation slots, exhibition slots, and times for social activities and recreation.

You are cordially invited to take a look at the programs of past 3DMConferences.

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Exhibition Template

We provide exhibitors with a comfortable exhibition template. The template uses file-based alterations that can be done by exchanging images or altering the contents of simple text files.

Find images, logos, and the HTML template in one simple archive.