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Join us in Loughborough, UK!

September 24 – 26

3DMC is coming to Loughborough

Ben Hughes Hosts Lboro, NPL, PTB, WZL

The 3D Metrology Conference organising committee is excited to announce that 9th 3DMC conference, 3DMC 2024, will be hosted by the
Intelligent Automation Centre
at Loughborough University

in the UK between 24th and 26th September 2024.

We eagerly anticipate welcoming you back for our next edition in 2024!

Please stay tuned for further information.

Presentations 2024

Presentation Visual
M2CNet - A Computer Vision-based Model for In-situ Surface Topography Measurement
Presentation Visual
1D and 3D verification of a two-colour self-tracking interferometer for large volume calibrations
Presentation Visual
Model-based workflows based on QIF format
Presentation Visual
Artefact Design for Performance Evaluation of a Distributed Multitarget Large Volume Metrology System
Presentation Visual
Fast and accurate 3D shape measurement for dynamic scenes
Presentation Visual
Surface Inspection of Stamped Car Body Components via Infrared Latitude-Code Scanning Deflectometry
Presentation Visual
Defect Detection in Additive Manufacturing Using a Feature-Enhanced Random Forest Classifier
Presentation Visual
Evaluating the Impact of Inferred Probe Qualification on Automotive Inspection Processes
Presentation Visual
Novel approach for efficient and accurate laser line scanner path planning
Presentation Visual
Incorporating metrology data into 3D tolerance analysis for design refinement and verification
Presentation Visual
Compressive Response Analysis of Hollow Strut Lattice Structures via 4D X-ray CT
Presentation Visual
Analyzing the Impact of Laser Scanner Parameters on AI Model Performance for Recognizing Objects
Presentation Visual
Metrology for Trustworthy digital twin of a 3D robotic scanning system's
Presentation Visual
Model Based Tolerance Analysis
Presentation Visual
Quality Assurance Integration and Interfaces for the Full Remote alignment System
Presentation Visual
Photogrammetry input to Dynamite project, with support from IDEKO.
Presentation Visual
Dual-wavelength holography for inspection of generally shaped objects in the digital era
Presentation Visual
In-motion dense 3-D reconstruction of industrial surfaces with continuous extension
Presentation Visual
A photogrammetric approach for automated measurements of large particle accelerators
Presentation Visual
Aligning Digital-Physical Twins for Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems using Point Cloud Analysis
Presentation Visual
Autokval - Automatic in-line quality assurance and process control in production
Presentation Visual
Comparison of point cloud densification by MVS and 3DGS in close-range photogrammetry
Presentation Visual
Development of an on-machine surface measurement system for an ultra-precision five-axis machine
Presentation Visual
The value of measurements in production is more than just product verification
Presentation Visual
Uncertainty analysis of volumetric errors of machine tools
Presentation Visual
An overview of the multi-partner Dynamite project
Presentation Visual
Generalised Test for the Qualification of Distributed Multitarget Large Volume Metrology Systems
Presentation Visual
Automation of Carbon Fibre Preform Scanning: A Case Study
Presentation Visual
On the evaluation of thin AlSi10Mg hollow-strut lattice structures using X-ray CT
Presentation Visual
3D Surface Characterisation Techniques for Additive Manufacturing Components Utilising XCT
Presentation Visual
Advanced Robotic Welding using the IONA Photogrammetry System as part of a multi-sensor approach

Conference Schedule

Call for Abstracts 2024

The 3DMC 2024 organizing team now welcomes proposals for talks and posters.
This year,compared with last year, we aim to have a smaller number of longer talks but are also expecting a larger poster exhibition which will be on display during the whole event.

We welcome presentations and posters on portable and large-volume applications and technologies but we also like to see 3D presented from other perspectives. For example, we want to hear from users and developers of AI for 3D analysis, Motion Capture, X-Ray Computed Tomography, CMMs and 3D surface metrology.


Presentation Abstract Submission
June 30

Draft Presentations
September 9

Publication Option

Starting 2022, presenters of talks and posters have the option to submit a presentation related article for publication in a special issue of the open-access Metrology from our media partner MDPI.
Note that these submissions will be subject to MDPI's independent peer-review process.
Find out more about instructions for authors of journal articles.


Presenters of talks will be asked to provide a short biography which will be used by the session moderators to introduce them and their organizations to the delegates.

Presentation Visual

Content: current application/research
Restriction: no sales-oriented content
Format: slideshow, optional publication
Duration: 15-25 min, including Q&A

Poster Visual

Content: current application/research
Restriction: no sales-oriented content
Format: A0/portrait, optional publication
Display: poster session and gallery, introductory timeslot

Inquiries Visual

3DMC welcomes presentation inquiries.
Abstracts are scientifically reviewed prior to their selection for presentation.
Abstracts are submitted online.

Recap 2023




Why You Should Attend 3DMC

Learn for Life

Expert presentations on the latest advances in research and application define 3DMC's unique technical profile.

Enjoy Exhibiting

Exhibitors meet new customers from a diverse range of sectors and find the time to engage in in-depth discussions.

Leverage the Leisure

3DMC invites all participants cordially to take part in our high class evening events. All social activities are included.

Experience Metrology

Delegates get hands-on experience of the latest systems from major manufacturers and software suppliers.

Get Global

Researchers, decision makers and sales executives from around the globe guarantee an international atmosphere.

Extend Your Network

3DMC encourages you to stay in touch through social media groups. Keeping contacts alive has never been easier.

Who's Involved

Organizing Committee

B. Hughes Chairman NPL London, UK organizer-image
R. Schmitt President Director at WZL|RWTH Aachen, Germany organizer-image
H. Bosse PTB Braunschweig, Germany organizer-image
S. Kyle 3DIMPact, UCL London, UK organizer-image
M. Peterek WZL|RWTH Aachen, Germany organizer-image
B. Montavon WZL|RWTH Aachen, Germany organizer-image
J. Brand WZL|RWTH Aachen, Germany organizer-image
M. Sanders WZL|RWTH Aachen, Germany organizer-image

Our Partners

WZL|RWTH Hosting Institution Aachen, Germany partner-image
WZL Aachen GmbH Hosting Institution Aachen, Germany partner-image
NPL Supporting Institution London, UK partner-image
PTB Supporting Institution Braunschweig, Germany partner-image
UCL Supporting Institution London, UK partner-image
Tekniker Supporting Institution Eibar, Spain partner-image
CIM Partner Conference partner-image
CMSC Partner Conference partner-image
Meetomeet Partner Conference partner-image
METROLOGY.news Media Partner partner-image
MDPI Journal Metrology Media Partner partner-image
QUALITY ENGINEERING Media Partner partner-image
Manufacturing Quality Media Partner partner-image
Basque Research and Technology Alliance Sponsor partner-image
Asociación Española de Robótica y Automatización Sponsor partner-image

Industrial Advisory Board

B. Adeline INSPHERE Bristol, UK advisor-image
M. Harding Rolls-Royce Oberursel, Germany advisor-image
M. Ohlenforst IconPro Aachen, Germany advisor-image
H. Paluszek sigma3D Mainz, Germany advisor-image