Santec is a global photonics company and a leading manufacturer of Tunable Lasers, OpticalTest and Measurement Products, Advanced Optical Components and biophotonics. Our headquarter is based in Photonics Valley Ohkusa Campus in Aichi, Japan, and we have offices around the globe to serve customers all over the world.

By committing to innovation as well as listening to our customer needs, Santec has succeeded in introducing solutions for a broad range of new optical applications.

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Connect with us on@Santec_Corp Santec Corporation

Connect with us on@Santec_Corp Santec Corporation

Connect with us on@Santec_Corp
Santec Corporation

About Us

Our products include:

  • spatial light modulators
  • swept-wavelength & tunable lasers
  • fiber pigtailed optical components
  • optical coherence tomography (OCT) solutions.

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We are excited to introduce our latest
3D Optical Profiler.
Please click through to learn more about this and Santec’s related Spatial Light Modulators and Optical Coherent Tomography (OCT) systems.

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Spatial Light Modulators

Our LCOS SLM’s use a high frequency analogue modulation technique to achieve high phase stability. This is combined with 10 bit grey scale (1024 levels) and full HD resolution to create the best combination of specs on the market today. Models are available to cover from 350 nm to 1650 nm.

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3D Optical Profiler

The OPS-1000 is a fast, non-contact, 3-D profiling system using laser interferometry to provide highly accurate 3D measurements.

  • 400,000 points per second
  • up to 1 micron resolution
  • up to 0.72 x 0.72 m XY Scan
  • up to 1 m depth measurement
  • up to 52 cm working distance

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Optical Coherence Tomography

Santec is the industrial pioneer and market leader for Swept-Source OCT. OCT is a subsurface, 3D imaging technique. SS-OCT uses near IR lasers and provides extremely fast imaging with the greatest depth of field. Santec supplies components and systems for industrial and biomedical applications. Imaging depth is several mm with a resolution around 10 microns.

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