Surphaser Product Profile

The Surphaser product range is particularly suited for laser scanning requirements that fall between the two common fields of relatively small fixed area ultra-high surface resolution scanning and large area surveying. There are tailored systems for different range requirements, so it is possible to select a unit best suited for a particular scope of work.

Additionally Surphaser SMR nest compatible target accessories allow very precise registration of multiple scans and also direct comparison of data to a traceable measurement instrument, such as a laser tracker. This is crucial where overall scan accuracy needs to be verified, as systems of this type do not yet conform to any internationally recognised standards.

The Surphaser European Sales and Support centre is based in the UK and we have reseller offices across continental Europe and worldwide. For further information please contact Mike Davies and we will be happy to direct your enquiry to the appropriate office.

400, 410 AND 100HSX_IR MODELS

For greatest versatility and general use our models 400, 410 and 100HSX_IR models offer sub mm accuracy up to 15m combined with ranges of 150m and more. In all cases our designs produce ultra-low noise that can significantly improve on that available from systems more typically targeted for surveying use. These scanners are widely used in industries such as aerospace, military, shipbuilding, and vehicle manufacture. Service companies also commonly employ these Surphaser scanner models because of the capability for use in a wide range of applications.
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Surphaser also offer specialist systems for short and ultra-short full volume work together with the highest detail possible. Our models 75, 80 and 100HSX_SR have specific attributes for work between ranges 0.25 and 7m. Most typical applications involve closely confined spaces such as bore holes, steel casting cavities and avionics bays. In nearly all use cases for these models there are usually very few if any other truly practical solutions that can match the speed and performance offered.
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