Our Vision

The Future Assembly is Line-less, Mobile and Autonomous

Future assembly is directed towards resilient production of individualised products at variable outputs with short lead times. All necessary resources, e.g. mobile robots, autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs) and operators, move freely around the factory. On demand, they autonomously reorganise themselves to carry assembly processes in real-time. Assembly processes are no longer realised by rigidly linked assembly lines, but along optimal job routes between mobile assembly stations. The digital twin of all resources in use represents the input for dynamic production planning and control. Automation of automation based on distributed sensor services and functional modelling provides the required autonomy of all resources to seamlessly integrate and perform the required tasks. We call this approach Free Float Flawless Assembly (F3A).

The Free Float Flawless Assembly (F3A) paradigm is the future assembly blueprint.

Our Company

Three Divisions for All Customer Needs in the Assembly Context

Systems Engineering

Conception, design and implementation of systems and plants at varying technological readiness levels are realised by this division. We involve innovative approaches and technologies to improve our client’s existing and future facilities. Further, we service and maintain our implementations on our customers' shop floor.


We offer bilateral collaboration for Center-Members and interested parties to analyse digitisation and automation potentials respecting bounding facilities. In accordance with proposed requirements, we involve expert workforce and technical resources of the RWTH Aachen.

Consortial Research

For pre-competitive joint research in the cross-industry consortium we are provide a collaboration platform. The innovation roadmap is directed by Center-Members. Interdisciplinary and topic-specific project teams consisting are methodologically enabled to implement the “next big thing”.

Our Mission

We Research, Build and Improve the Future Assembly for our Customers‘ Smart Factories

In collaboration with our partners and domain experts, we develop innovative automation solutions, organisational concepts and implement algorithms for the assembly of superior products from batch size 1 to mass production, cross-levels, intersectoral and cross-industries.

Considering our RWTH Aachen University network, we combine an entrepreneurial perception of production and scientific expertise in automation, mobile robotics, measurement technology, control engineering as well as artificial intelligence. The holistic perspective on industrial assembly from individual processes to distributed productions sites is an inherent part of our approach.

As a Center we provide joint research, communication and work platform for users, system integrators and manufacturers. Automation technology and customised demonstrator implementation is executed in the Living Lab. The elaboration is carried out by interdisciplinary teams consortial or bilateral on behalf of our partners.

What we do is not only Vision. But we Implement Flexible Approaches on a Shopfloorlevel.

Areas of Expertise

We Explore the Possibilities of Automation of Automation to Enable Resilience

Planning & Control

Conception, design and layout of assembly systems for superior products at lot-size 1 are part of our portfolio. Further, we address production planning and control of flexible systems and provide approaches for information and decision support by algorithm.


We develop robot-based automation applications for assembly. Our specialty is the creation of automation solutions for previously manual assembly tasks. For the management and control of such problem propositions AGVs, mobile robots and sensor systems are utilized - connected by 5G.

Networking &
Sensor Technology

Metrology systems are necessary to provide reference systems for robot-based assembly applications, e.g. for mobile entities’ micro and macro navigation tasks involving LIDAR systems. Control feedback can be applied "as-a-Service" for individual production scenarios.

Consortial Research

Our Approach to Meet the Challenges of Complexity, Interdisciplinarity and Interdependencies

Changing the paradigms of industrial assembly is a complex endeavour. We strongly believe that these challenges can only be addressed in a consortium of users, enablers and the research expertise of RWTH Aachen Campus. The Center provides the community to jointly create and protoype ideas for future assembly.

We are launching a consortial study collaboratively with our industry partners to answer strategic and roadmap-related questions in assembly planning and automation. You find more details here

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System Engineering

Walter Kimmelmann
Managing Director

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M.Sc. M.Sc.
Armin Buckhorst
Managing Director

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Consortial Research

Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Wirt.Ing.
Guido Hüttemann
Center Director & Managing Director

Phone: +49 (0) 241/ 894 379-93
Mail: g.huettemann@xl-assembly.com

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