A Message From The Organizers

Accepted Abstracts

Robot calibration performance analysis and optimization.

B. Ahmed Chekh Oumar

Tekniker, España 

Microscopic 3D techniques for industrial inspection

Roger Artigas

Sensofar Tech SL, Spain 

Innovative aeronautical assembly tooling development supported by integrated smart devices

Kortaberria Berriozabal


Optical metrology for digital manufacturing: A review

Sofia Catalucci

University of Nottingham, United Kingdom 

Latitude Code Scanning Deflectometry

Isak Du Preez

Axiscan, France 

A novel approach to automated planning of measurement tasks using graph-based algorithms

Maximilian Eberhardt

Fraunhofer IGCV, Germany 

Robotic 3D measurement system for large volume part investigation

Safouane El Ghazouali

LNE, France 

Comparing accuracy and performances between robot-mounted 3D scanning CMMs and traditional CMMs

Nina Fernadnez

Creaform, France 

Robot characterization based on a multilateration system with retroreflecting spheres n=2 as targets

Joffray Guillory

Cnam, Laboratoire commun de métrologie LNE-Cnam, France 

Photogrammetric Surface Inspection in Automotive Production: Current and Future Strategies

Max Hödel

Technical University of Munich / BMW Group, Germany 

QIF + MBD: Real-World Application of Standardized Interoperability from Schneider Electric

Jimmy Nguyen

Capvidia, USA