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Get fast, accurate and repeatable measurements on a wide range of parts and surface finishes.
Measure gap, flush, radius, edge break, burr, countersink, scratch, weld, seal, angle and more.
GapGun® stores data internally as it measures and automatically connects to Wi-Fi for seamless productivity. Results can be downloaded at any time using integrated wireless link, USB port or docking station.


Increase accuracy of feature and surface measurements when you automate. Vectro® delivers fast and accurate quality inspection on a wide range of parts and surface finishes.
Get digital and traceable inspection results from this reputable system.
Access hard-to-reach or unsafe environments when you choose an automated measurement tool.
Vectro® can be mounted on a robot, cobot or fixed arm.

25+ Years of Refinement
for Optimum Solutions


SPC3D - Create check plans with ease. Check plans are a series of visual prompts which guide operators on where to measure.
Inspect - Simple, digital inspection that can be completed in seconds.
Inspect - Inspect offers simple, digital inspection that can be completed in just seconds.
Link - Integrate GapGun® and Vectro® into your existing production systems.
Inline - Designed specifically for the inline automotive environment, ‘Inline’ can speed up your quality control processes.

Third Dimension Facts and Figures


Years of GapGun®


measurements can be taken with the GapGun® every year


plus points on a car can be measured easily with the GapGun®


Second masurement speed



Gap and Flush are a commonly controlled on car bodies. The challenge is not only the accuracy of the measurement and the repeatability, but also the ability to measure fast on different surfaces and more and more complex shapes. Third Dimension technology offers the adapted tools to fulfil those challenges adding the strength of being user friendly for the operators and reliable in harsh environments.


Every single structural panel on any aircraft is vital to its aerodynamics, safety and fuel efficiency.
GapGun®, is used to measure the gaps, flushes, seals, steps and mismatches of the panels to ensure the build is meeting quality specifications.
The GapGun® can be taken to the aircraft, delivering metrology lab precision to every single part.


Energy markets offer a large range of metrology challenges. Third Dimension has been able to solve wild types of measurements such as Gas turbine blades edges or weld, wrinkles of windfarm blades or beryllium-coated tiles step and gap inside tokamak fusion reactor. Vectro or Gap Gun offer two flexible and quick ways of measuring 2D profiles or checking surface defects.

White Goods and Electronic Consumer Goods

Improve the perceived quality of products such as washing machines, ovens, TV’s, tablets and more.

Able to measure a multitude of different surfaces, GapGun can check the widest range of surface finishes including plastic, metallic, painted, glass and enamel used in most manufactured goods.

CNC Manufactured Parts

Easier to set up than traditional CMMs, GapGun® (hand-held) and Vectro® (which can be mounted on a robot or cobot) are proving to be a trusted alternative solution for providing manufacturers with measurements of parts which have been CNC’d.

Both tools can measure features of components such as gap and flush, radii, angles, edge breaks, surface finishes, weld, and inner radii.

Save time and benefit from a flexible solution.

Car Parts
(Press Parts, Lights, Pipes)

Compared to traditional tools such as gauges, GapGun® and Vectro® provide a measurement solution that is faster, more precise, and traceable.
Many parts such as stamped parts of car and aircraft lights need to be checked. Our metrology solutions are flexible and have proven to work well in this environment, supporting Tier 1 manufacturers to improve the quality of the parts they produce.
Improve your control processes to increase your quality.



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